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What Does the Word Lunatic Have to do with the Moon?
People have always been superstitious and many have thought that objects that people the night had some particular sinister purpose. This may not be true of the stars, but just consider the moon which has for many centuries put people in mind of the unknown. The moon rules the night and is a mysterious being that was once thought to induce people to madness. But the present question is, “What does the word ‘lunatic’ have to do with the moon?”

How to Achieve Extraordinary Success
Copyright (c) 2010 Willie Horton

The Mosquito Wedding Feast
We thought we had planned everything perfectly right down to the tiniest detail We had crossed every T and dotted every I in out quest for the perfect wedding

WP Shopping Pages, a New Affiliate Store Plugin for Wordpress, Released
Lunatic Studios announced today the release of their second premium plugin for the Wordpress blogging platform, WP Shopping Pages, which makes adding an affiliate store to any weblog a no brainer.

Fictional Stories - Just Imagine And Write! What's The Fuss?
The other day I was reading about fictional stories and novels and how to write them. Imagine, people have written books on how to write a book! There are such a huge number of tips and methods being distributed online and otherwise that it could fill an entire ocean (if somebody dumped those tips in it! But, why would anybody?). Ok, the thing is that whether these tips and methods really work. Do they truly make writers? I mean, if a person does not have a flair for writing, can he or she deliver a gripping fictional story? Hmmm…

Five Insanely Bizarre Missouri Attractions
From Kansas, our search for America's weird and wonderful attractions takes us from the Great Plains to the Midwestern state of Missouri With a little scratching beneath the surface, we discover that there's much more to Missouri than the Gateway arch and the Blues

Forum: Reacting to last terror attack is silliness
A lunatic tries to blow up an airplane, so now my 2-year-old daughter can't sleep on her pillow. If this is how we respond as a nation to terror threats, then maybe the terrorists really are winning.

Getting the Most Out of Your Xbox: Top 10 Games
Xbox users seem to be particularly fond of their choice, primarily because of the great game selection available to them Check the following ten must-have Xbox games

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